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Suffering From Headaches? Cont.

Did you know that in 1976, Dr. Chester Wilk and four other Chiropractors filed a lawsuit against the American Medical Association (AMA)?

The suit claimed the American Medical Association (AMA) had participated for years in an illegal conspiracy to destroy Chiropractic.

On August 24, 1987, after endless wrangling in the courts, U.S. District Court judge Susan Getzendanner ruled the AMA had engaged in a “lengthy, systematic, successful and unlawful boycott” designed to restrict cooperation between MDs and Chiropractors in order to eliminate the profession of Chiropractic as a competitor in the United States health care system.

And here’s something interesting: During the case, the AMA took the stance of protecting patients. Chiropractors, however, showed the court Workmen’s Compensation Bureau studies validating Chiropractic care.

More specifically, studies comparing Chiropractic care to care by medical physicians were presented showing Chiropractors were “twice as effective as medical physicians, for comparable injuries, in returning injured workers to work at every level of injury severity.”

The settlement of the suit included an injunctive order in which the AMA was instructed to cease its efforts to restrict the professional association of chiropractors and AMA members. The AMA was also ordered to notify its 275,000 members of the court's injunction. In addition, the American Hospital Association (AHA) sent out 440,000 separate notices to inform hospitals across the United States that the AHA has no objection to allowing chiropractic care in hospitals.

If you suffer from headaches, you are not alone.
The number of people who suffer from headaches every year is staggering.
And a large percentage of these headache are “tension-type” headaches. Another common type of headache is called “cervicogenic.”

This is important because a 2001 Duke University study showed Chiropractic care helped both these types of headaches both in headache frequency and severity. The study also showed Chiropractic care worked better than many other treatments.

Many headache sufferers have been helped by Chiropractic care.
If you’d like to see if we can help you like we have already helped so many others, just give us a call a 952-920-7535 to see if we can help you with your headaches.

And don’t forget – if you have any family member or friends who suffer from headaches – forward this webpage to them. We will do our best for you and all your loved ones!




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